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The Birth Cohort Network is one of the epidemiological research promotion groups established based on the "Detailed Regulations on Epidemiological Research Promotion Group" of the Articles of Incorporation of the Japan Epidemiological Society. We are looking forward to the participation of researchers who agree with the purpose of this group and who comply with and respect the Articles of Incorporation of the Japan Epidemiological Association and the detailed enforcement regulations.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy of the Birth Cohort Network will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy of the Japanese Epidemiological Society.

1. Purpose

The Birth Cohort Network Privacy Policy aims to protect the personal information of members and nonmembers who participate in the activities of this Network and its effective use.

2. Definition of personal information

"Personal information" constitutes of information that identifies a specific individual such as the address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. provided by members and non-members participating in the activities of the Birth Cohort Network, provided through its online system, e-mail, post, FAX and other means.

3. Collection of personal information

The Birth Cohort Network collects personal information of members and nonmembers who participate in the activities of the Network, exclusively for the purposes of providing services in accordance to the Network’s objectives, creating a membership list, research, and updating the existing personal information.

Access Log and Cookies

The Birth Cohort Network acquires the information of those who visit our website through access logs and cookies in order to ensure the security and usability of our site. The various reception forms used by the Network use cookies for session management. It is possible to prevent cookies depending on your online environment (please refer to the “help” section of the browser you are using on how to prevent cookies).

4. Management of personal information by the network

The Birth Cohort Network strictly manages the collected personal information so that it will not be leaked, destroyed, falsified, or lost. However, the Network shall not be held liable for damages such as tampering or leaks due to unauthorized access in a technically unpredictable manner.

5. Disclosure of personal information

A) Personal information collected by Birth Cohort Network may be provided to outsourcing companies when necessary, but the information will be kept minimal as required for the objective. We may also provide third parties with information statistics that do not contain information that can identify an individual. Such information may be provided without the consent of the provider.
B) Personal information may be disclosed or provided for purposes other than the original intent in the following cases.

1. When it is requested for disclosure or provision based on legal procedure.
2. When the provider of personal information agrees or consents to the disclosure or provision of the information.
3. In case of using personal information to send e-mail etc. for sending information required for management and communication of the Network.
4. In other cases, where there is a justifiable need to use the information in order to execute plans approved by the Network.

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